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my main blog and only blog.(besides another)
so follow me there (:
But yeah imma delete this tumblr son so….

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I will post this oneee more time!

I have moved:


Anonymous said: you're so inactive lately ;_; miss you and your edits </3

bb, im sorry! :~:
i m grounded. I got in trouble at school lmao. 
I’ll be back soon.
* Sneaking on like a boss*

/Lost a lot of followers

Hi guys! (:
No updates for a while.
Whats up? 

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puremi said: no worries, i'm used to no one knowing who ham is, lol.

  • The first song I’ve listened of theirs: Gee
  • The song that got me into the fandom: Itnw
  • Favorite era:Run Devil Run
  • Original bias:Hyoyeon/Yuri/Sunny……………(fany)
  • Current bias: Hyoyeon/Tiffany/Yuri/Taeyeon/Sunny

Anonymous said: I love your blog ♥ is quite simple but amazing (: .
Do you use actions to edit your pictures?!
Love from Canada xo.

Thank you very much!♥
omg~ I love Canada. I want to go their again!